a girl on my facebook feed posted a buzzfeed article about how bennett is like, totally hot, honestly my heart goes out to straight girls everywhere cause youre watching a show with poussey and alex on it and somehow whitebread mcpatriarchy is the hottest to you

And here we have a lesbian trying to shame other women into converting to expand their dating pool. 


this is you



No Church In the Wild - Angel Haze

hello Mr. Obama, Comma Mrs. Obama comma future elections, hello Hillary Rodham
Tell me what are the stakes, boiling pot to the plate, we can kill something, steal something, what the fuck does it take
Then tell ‘em you’re just a face that represents the choices they make and tell ‘em they don’t make changes only bigger mistakes
And tell ‘em I said fuck ‘em, thanks for bunches of nothing, land of the fucking free and home of the short comings